Artificial Intelligence transforms the DNA of your business.

Unlock The Power Of Your Data

Seize opportunties that weren’t possible before AI. We help influential organizations transform into digital leaders through the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. DNAI™ is expert in integrating AI and machine learning, turning data modeling into coherent growth and innovation strategies for your company.

Imagine if you had all of your data at your fingertips. Imagine further if you could add disparate data from external sources to broaden and advance know-how, processes and business growth. DNAI™ is here today to help you take advantage of big data that will influence thought, strategy and high-stakes action.

Outpace Your Competition

Achieving sustainable competitive advantage is the chief reason businesses and organizations adopt AI. By harvesting important insights, your company will plan better, increase its revenue and reduce its costs.

Use Data To Gain Insights

Data mining from large and disparate data pools provides pattern and anomaly detection so you can make smarter up-to-date and in real-time decisions.

Know What Your Customer Wants

Apply AI and monitor what customers are saying on company and social channels. Acquire this vital data and know exactly what is trending and what people will buy.

Super Charge Your Value Chain

AI is effective in all areas of a business from automating routine or redundant tasks to predicting unknown opportunities and risks. It increases efficiency, reduces operating costs and makes your business more competitive.

Making Things Happen

DNAI™ engineers real-time AI solutions so you can identify new opportunities, grow your business, achieve process optimization across your value chain and recognize potential risks early.

Big data leads to market trends


Increasing efficiency with AI


AI listens to customer



We build AI solutions to perform tasks that customarily require human intelligence. To achieve optimal results we work with you to bridge the gaps between your vision, goals and objectives with the right type of AI solution. DNAI™ engages with you at every step of the process from Discovery to Delivery. Our consultative and collaborative approach always leads to exceptional results!

Discovery And Mapping

DNAI™ engineers real-time AI solutions so you can identify new opportunities, grow your business, achieve process optimization across your value chain and recognize potential risks early.

Computing And Deployment

We build algorithms that get your data working for you and initiate highly-secure cloud storage to start streaming live data. We communicate milestones and updates on a regular basis and routinely do check-ins to answer questions.

Delivery And Implementation

We build user-friendly web interfaces that support administrative analysis, reports and actionable information. We also provide intuitive client-facing interfaces when they’re needed. Delivery and implementation includes training and support to ensure full and complete adoption.

Your AI Partners

Our leadership team is comprised of business strategists, digital strategists, AI researchers, practitioners and engineers. We’ve worked with a variety of sectors that include security, healthcare, marketing, advanced manufacturing, real estate, finance, and more. Let’s discover what AI can do for you!

Splice Digital          

Splice Digital Inc. and MVYL & Associates are proud partners of DNAI™.

Carrie Izsak, MBA
Vice President, Splice Digital Inc.
Business Development Strategy
P: 1.866.636.3011

Brian Hendel, Hon. BSC
President, Splice Digital Inc.
Software Architect

Giancarlo Mori, MSc.
MVYL & Associates
Chief Architect: AI & Machine Learning

Robin Gras, PHD
MVYL & Associates
Professor, Computer Science

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